Captain Dave's Boat Tours Whale Watching

As a long time fisherman and licenced tour boat operator, Capt. Dave is well equipped to give you an unforgettable experience on the water. Whether to  experience the majestic icebergs as they make their way south; catch a cod ; help Capt. Dave haul his lobster pots, or see the giant humpbacks breach as they feed on schools of caplin, Capt. Dave  has the knowledge and experience to make your trip an adventure to treasure for years to come.

David Boyd grew up in the  little fishing village of Tizzard’s Harbour on New World Island, just across the waters from Twillingate, and fished  cod traps with his father and crew at a very tender age. Spending time as an educator, commercial photographer, writer, poet, fisherman and jack of all trades in a career spanning half a century, Capt. Dave’s passion for and knowledge of the sea will keep you safe while providing you with an experience of a lifetime.

With salt in his veins and a passion for outport life, Capt. Dave  has created with the help of his wife, Christine, the Twillingate Fishery & Heritage Center, aptly named Prime Berth, and located at Main Tickle, just as you cross the causeway to Twillingate Islands. Look for the whale tail to your left as you drive across the causeway.

Apart from Capt. Dave’s Tours, Prime Berth, is also the first place you see as you reach Twillingate Island and, we believe,  “ the last place you’ll forget.”